Presentation Downloads

Workshop Session 3

Community languages school teachers’ pedagogical habitus in transition: an Australian perspective (914KB .pdf)

Beyond Rote Learning – memorization as a bodily activity: Re-viewing Memorization with a Practice-based Approach (2MB .pdf)

Student reflection to increase student engagement and improve learning outcomes (2MB .pdf)

How language and culture are intertwined and some useful ways to teach a language (6MB .pdf)

Workshop Session 4

How can concept-based learning enrich and deepen learning in community languages classes (6MB .pdf)

One Community, Different Voices: Attitudes to Community Language Schools by Australian Vietnamese (6MB .pdf)

Teaching Chinese Mandarin to non-Chinese speaking students with Picture Books (3MB .pdf)

Workshop Session 5

Negotiating pathways to becoming a teacher in Australia: facilitating access to requalification (2MB .pdf)

Language mapping: A tool for exploring languages and literacies in educational settings (5MB .pdf)

Innovative and effective teaching and learning strategies through the use of technology “Green Screen” (22MB .pdf)

Developing a creative pedagogy in the translanguaging space (1MB .pdf)

Language maintenance and community language schools: Is there a relationship? (814KB .pdf)

Chinese heritage language learners in Australian universities: motivations and beliefs (720KB .pdf)

Workshop Session 6

Negotiating pathways to becoming a teacher in Australia: institutional supports and impediments (1MB .pdf)

Task based learning in community language programming (1MB .pdf)

“When I speak to him, I speak from my childhood”: Language maintenance, attrition and emotionality in 1.5 Generation Russian Australians (707KB .pdf)

Teaching community language in Australian schools: effective and engaging classroom strategies for primary languages classroom (24MB .pdf)


Research and development in community languages programs: language as rights, identity and pluralism

The download above includes:

Paper 1: Community languages learning – doing justice to diverse communities through partnered research and development

Paper 2: Community language teaching in Victoria: A funds of knowledge model

Paper 3: The current orientation of community languages and their schools in Western Australia

Paper 4: Parent and Student Agency and Voice in Community language schools

Workshop Session 7

Progressing progressions: Design considerations in the development of prototype progressions for community languages learning in Australia (3MB .pdf)

Supporting bilingual and multilingual children in early childhood (6MB .pdf)

Story telling – Powerful tool for young learners (3MB .pdf)

Improving teaching and learning through seeking student feedback (5MB .pdf)

Grandparents/parents – your partners in teaching the Language (1MB .pdf)

Engaging online resources for remote learning (1MB .pdf)

Achieving the Impossible: Effective Professional Learning for all Chinese Language schools (1MB .pdf)

Progressing progressions: Design considerations in the development of prototype progressions for community languages learning in Australia (2MB .pdf)

Workshop Session 8

Ethnic minority teachers’ perceived concerns, challenges and preparedness/ expectations prior to their first teaching practicum (1MB .pdf)

Teaching Modern Greek at Centre for Continuing Education: from 00-20 (11MB .pdf)

Community language: Hindi: A path for understanding culture & values (400KB .pdf)

Using systematic and explicit phonics instruction to improve learning. Using explicit teaching practices in the community language classroom (6MB .pdf)

Workshop Session 9

Benefits of language games in Primary Education (3MB .pdf)

The necessary ingredients to ‘cook the stew’: A focus on developing targeted professional learning for teachers of Hindi (620KB .pdf)

From effective classroom teaching to problem-free school management: How to bring about change with constructive communication in your CLS (3MB .pdf)

Linguistic and spiritual identity: analysis of Australian Narratives (1MB .pdf)

Exploring the motivation of adolescent non-Arab Muslim learners of Arabic (739KB .pdf)

Reporting on Community Language Teachers Tests (2MB .pdf)

Brazilian community language school in Queensland: developing and implementing a model of a community-based education for heritage language maintenance (3MB .pdf)