Recorded Sessions

Day 2 – Room 1


Profiles of heritage/community language speakers studying languages at tertiary level

Presenter: Anna Mikhaylova


Symposium: Home language and multilingual support to preschoolers in early childhood education settings and community language schools

Paper 1: Family and educators’ perspectives on multilingualism and languages learning for young children attending early childhood education settings and community language schools

Presenters: Criss Jones-Diaz, Beatriz Cardona & Mojgan Mokhatebi Ardakani

Paper 2: Chinese immigrant families’ aspirations for home language retention and children’s early bilingual education in New Zealand’s social spaces

Presenter: Angel Chan


Symposium continued

Paper 3: Lessons learned from the Amataga Lelei A’oga, a language-immersion programme in an Australian early learning centre

Presenters: Kerry Taylor-Leech & Eseta Tualaulelei

Paper 4: Word play into language learning

Presenter: Marie Quinn


Symposium continued

Paper 5: Consistent and persistent: Key to success of lone fighters on the home language maintenance front

Presenters: Van Tran, Sarah Verdon & Sharynne McLeod

Paper 6: Little Multilingual Minds: A language learning program to foster multilingualism in early childhood education

Presenters: Paola Escudero, Gloria Pino Escobar, John Hajek & Gillian Wigglesworth


Symposium continued

Paper 7: Using multilingual storytelling to enhance young learners’ language development

Presenters: Sue Ollerhead & Gill Pennington